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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for guiding and overseeing the administration of all Commission activities and for acting on behalf of the Commission, as permitted by the Compact, during the interim between Commission meetings.

05/22/14: Calendar / Agenda

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Pat Pendergast, Chair

Pat Pendergast
Commissioner Designee / Deputy Compact Administrator, Alabama
Alabama Department of Youth Services

Pat Pendergast is the Administrator of Screening and Placement for the Alabama Department of Youth Services. In that capacity he is responsible for the placement, evaluation and classification of committed youth from Alabama’s 67 counties. His job also requires oversight of the Interstate Compact for Juveniles, planning for system capacity, managing the department’s electronic records system and training newly hired Juvenile Probation Officers for the Administrative Office of Courts.

Pat has been the DYS legislative liaison since 2002 and helped lobby for passage of the “new” compact in 2003, when Alabama joined the Interstate Commission for Juveniles. He has been associated with the ICJ process for over 20 years and has been an active member of the new commission since its inaugural meeting in 2008. Pat graduated from Auburn University and holds both a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s in Business Administration from that institution. 

Anne Connor, Vice ChairVice Chair
Anne Connor
Commissioner, Nevada
Division of Child and Family Services



Philip Cox
Commissioner, Oregon
Assistant Director of Community Services, Oregon Youth Authority


Philip Cox is the Oregon Youth Authority’s (OYA) Assistant Director of Community Services.  In that capacity he is responsible for overseeing state juvenile parole and probation case management services, approximately 650 contracted residential treatment and foster care beds for state parolees and probationers, state juvenile justice funding assistance to county governments, and the Interstate Compact for Juveniles.  Phil has held a number of management and executive positions with the agency since 1995, when the OYA was established as a stand-alone executive department agency.  Phil joined Oregon state service in 1990 with the Department of Human Resource’s Children’s Services Division.  He holds a graduate degree in Applied Linguistics and taught university students in the Middle East for a number of years before returning to his native Oregon.  He remains very connected with friends in Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and travels there regularly.

Terry Clark, Past Chair

Past Chair
Terry Clark
Commissioner Designee / Deputy Compact Administrator, Pennsylvania
Director of the Division of Operations, Pennsylvania Office of Children, Youth & Families

Terry L. Clark is the Director of the Division of Operations in the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare’s Office of Children, Youth and Families, where he is responsible for operating Pennsylvania’s child abuse hotline, the statewide central registry for child abuse, child abuse clearances and FBI clearances. Mr. Clark is also responsible for oversight of Pennsylvania’s three Interstate Compacts: Interstate Compact for Juveniles, Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children and the Interstate Compact on Adoption & Medical Assistance. He graduated magna cum laude with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Kutztown University in 1996 and also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy from the Pennsylvania State University.

Before joining the state’s Office of Children, Youth and Families in 2001, Terry was the Director of In-Home Protective Services at Berks County Children and Youth, where he was employed for almost 10 years. He is a Certified PA State Trainer for the Child Welfare Training Program on the topics of Risk Assessment, Safety Assessment, Coaching for Excellence in Practice, and the Pennsylvania Child and Family Services Review. He has also written several training curricula for the PA Child Welfare Training Program on Risk Assessment and Safety Assessment. 

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