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South Region
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Member States:

Alabama / Arkansas / District of Columbia /  Florida / Kentucky / Louisiana / Maryland / Mississippi / Missouri / North Carolina / Oklahoma / South Carolina / Tennessee / Texas / Virginia / West Virginia

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09/14/10 | 04/27/11 | 09/28/11 | 10/25/11 | 02/02/12 | 06/21/12 | 10/16/12 | 03/05/13 | 07/16/13 | 10/08/13 | 02/12/14 |
Judy Miller, Chair
Judy Miller Designee, Arkansas

Judy Miller is the ICJ Designee and Deputy Administrator with the Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Services in Arkansas. She attended the University of AR at Little Rock. She began working for the State of Arkansas in 1972 in the Interstate Compact on Juveniles Office.In 1979 she took on the additional duties as Deputy Administrator of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) with the Division of Children and Family Services. In July 2000 she transferred to the Division of Youth Services and currently handles the Interstate Compact for Juveniles.Judy previously served as the Chairman of the Rules and Regulations Committee and as an Executive Board Member of the Association of Juvenile Compact Administrators (AJCA). She currently serves as the Regional Representative for the South Region, is on the ICJ Executive Committee, and other Committees. Judy is a native of Louisville, Kentucky and is very involved with the Humane Society in Little Rock.

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