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StatusWyoming Virginia State Flag
Signed into law: March 5, 2004

Number: W.C.A. § 14-6-102

State Web Sites
State Home Page

Airport Surveillance
Airport supervision provided as requested in accordance with ICJ Rules
Days: Monday - Friday
Advance notice: 18 hour notice to ICJ Coordinator

Special Contact Information
Please contact Maureen Clifton for all ICJ correspondence/telephone inquiries:

Maureen Clifton, ICJ Coordinator
WY Department of Family Services
2300 Capitol Avenue, 3rd Floor
Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82002
P: (307) 777-3570
F: (307) 777-3693

The backup ICJ Coordinator contact is Lauri Lamm. She can be reached at (307) 777-5536 or via email at

State Council Members
Allison Anderson
Shad Bates
Sarah Veronica Buche
The Honorable Steven Brown
Susan Cahill
Leland Christensen
Maureen Clifton
Lynne Davies
Debra Dugan-Doty, Deputy Commissioner, Compact Administrator, ICJ, Department of Family Services
Charlene Edwards, Vice-Chair
Moriah Flores
Adrienne Freng
Gary Gilmore
Steven Gilmore
Sunny Goggles
Mary Hall
Gary Hartman, Commissioner, ICJ
Paul Jenkins
Rene Kemper
Dorina Kemper, Youth Member
Elizabeth Lance, Public Defender's Office
Neal Madson
Robert Mayor
Christina McCabe
JoAnn Numoto, Department of Education
Narina Nunez
James Pond
Les Pozsgi
Donald Rardin
Clinton Robinson, Youth Member
Mark Russler
Alice Russler, Department of Health
Donna Sheen
Kimberly Sherman, Youth Member
Bryan Skoric
Kristina Smith
Dawnessa Snyder
Debra Sprague
Clarence Thomas
Shaina Ute, Youth Member
James Whalen
James Whiting

Sex Offender Information
State Sex Offender Matrix

Wyoming Compact Office