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  1. SUBJECT: Form Access
    Q: I have to fill out a registration page every time I need to access the ICJ Word/PDF Template forms. Why do I have to do this now, and is there a way around this?

    A: The reason web surfers must fill out a registration page when they access the Word Template forms is because of concern over unauthorized use and download of the ICJ forms by offenders and their families.  This registration is to prevent juvenile delinquents or family members from submitting unauthorized forms to ICJ offices.  This is not as annoying as it first seems. To keep from filling out the form every time you need to access the Word Template forms, all you need to do is save the Word Template page as a 'favorite bookmark' in your internet browser.
  2. SUBJECT: Data Entry
    Q: When I download a form in Word Template, grey boxes appear on the form.  What are these?

A: To prevent unauthorized editing of the ICJ forms, the instructional text within each form is "locked."  The grey boxes are text fields that allow the user to enter text or check off certain parts of the form.