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Compact Office Updates for February 23 - 29, 2012

Maryland - Please copy on all ICJ correspondence.

+ California - Michael Farmer will be out of the office until March 26, 2012. Pamela Arcuri and Patrice Betancur will cover all juvenile interstate matters.  Please direct all email correspondence to

+ Colorado - The CO Compact Office has moved. Phone, fax, and email contacts remain the same. The new mailing address is:
Colorado Division of Youth Corrections
ICJ Office
4143 S Julian Way
Denver, CO  80236

+ Maine - Please direct all ICJ correspondence to Commissioner Mark Boger.

+ Montana - Please copy all email correspondence to

+ New Hampshire - Please send all ICJ email correspondence to  From January 30 - March 8, 2012, Casey Laurie will be on leave. Please contact Rich Neilsen for ICJ inquiries at (603) 625-5471 (ext.391) during this time.

+ New York - Shaina Kern is on leave until May 1, 2012. During this time, direct all general cases and correspondence to:
Mary Lombardi 
(518) 457-6648

Please direct all Sex Offender, Domestic Violence, and Failed Placement cases and correspondence to:
Kelly Palmateer
(518) 485-2398

If you are unsure where to send an email, please direct your inquiry to

+ North Carolina - Please note the new email address format for the NC Compact Office:

The new mailing address for the NC Compact Office is:

North Carolina Department of Public Safety
4212 Mail Service Center
Raleigh,  NC 27699-4212

+ Compact Office Directory - If you would like specific information listed on your state page regarding who to contact for runaways, parole, probation and general correspondence, click here to submit those changes.

Website Updates

Bench Book - Click here to download the updated Bench Book for Judges and Court Personnel.

Updated Forms - The updated forms effective March 1, 2012 are available. 

Updated Rules PDF - The ICJ Rules effective March 1, 2012 are available here.

Updated HTML Rules - The step-by-step HTML ICJ Rules effective March 1, 2012 are available here.

+ Registration for Rules Training - The National Office is hosting two-day Rules Training sessions on WebEx. These sessions are open to probation officers, parole officers, compact office staff, and anyone involved in compact business.  All sessions start at 2:00pm Eastern.  Register for a session listed below:

April 10 – 11, 2012: Click here to register.

Meeting Updates

 Executive Committee - Approved minutes from the January 26 meeting

Important Reminders

+ Subscribe to JIDS Newsletter - You can receive updates and important announcements regarding JIDS (Juvenile Interstate Data System by subscribing here.

+ Training and Technical Assistance - Training and Technical Assistance is available to Compact Offices at no charge. Contact Jack Branum at for more information.

+ Training Report Form - Have you recently conducted training in your state? Make sure your statistics are counted by using the online training reporting form.

+ Submitting Announcements - The deadline to post comments in the weekly newsletter is 12:00pm EST on each Tuesday. Please submit announcements to


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