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ICJ Training Update Newsletter
2011 - 2012
Information Technology Committee Members

+ Chair
Clarence Powell - MS

+ Members
Donna Bonner - TX
Anne Connor - NV
Dale Dodd - NM
Shelley Hagan - WI
Don Jones - WA
Sherry Jones - MD
Traci Marchand - NC
Robyn Peterson - OH
Bob Takeshta - CA
Fred White - MA

+Ex-Officio Members
Michael Farmer - CA
Jason McCrea - PA
John Gusz - NJ
Spotlight on JIDS: Issue 1 - February 6, 2012

+ Introduction – A national electronic management system for the Interstate Commission for Juveniles is coming!  JIDS (Juvenile Interstate Data System) will expedite the transfer of a juvenile’s supervision, as well as the return of runaways, escapees, absconders, and accused delinquents.  On January 26, 2012, the Executive Committee approved entering an agreement with InStream, LLC to develop JIDS.

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+ Readiness Meetings – To prepare for the transition to JIDS, the National Office will meet with every state via WebEx throughout February to discuss the following:
  • Anticipated number of users
  • Workflows for compact operations
  • Upload of active supervision case data
  • Minimum software requirements
  • Minimum hardware requirements
  • Helpdesk support plans
  • Training plans


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