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Spotlight on JIDS (Juvenile Interstate Data System)Newsletter
2011 - 2012
Information Technology Committee Members

+ Chair
Traci Marchand - NC

+ Members
Donna Bonner - TX
Anne Connor - NV
Dale Dodd - NM
Shelley Hagan - WI
Don Jones - WA
Sherry Jones - MD
Robyn Peterson - OH
Bob Takeshta - CA
Fred White - MA

+Ex-Officio Members
Michael Farmer - CA
John Gusz - NJ
Jason McCrea - PA
Spotlight on JIDS: Issue 2 - March 13, 2012

JIDS Privacy Policy and User Agreement Approved

+ JIDS Privacy Policy – A privacy policy articulates how an organization will gather and share information to protect privacy interests. The purpose of a privacy policy for JIDS is to ensure users comply with all federal, state and local laws and policies when collecting and entering juvenile data. It also defines the parameters for the collection, use, analysis, retention, destruction, sharing and disclosure of information. Additionally, it promotes the legitimacy of the data and the responsibilities of users.

The JIDS Privacy Policy includes provisions for agencies to adopt internal policies and procedures that outline how the agency and its users will maintain data integrity, restrict access, guard against intrusion, conduct training and enforce the policy. Information shared and retained in JIDS must meet the requirements of the privacy policy as well as all state and local laws applicable to the participating agency.

To ensure each user fully understands the JIDS privacy policy, the policy outlines the requirements for establishing a training program. Before accessing the system, each user is required to sign an agreement conforming to the policy requirements.

+ JIDS End User Agreement – The JIDS End User Agreement governs the access privileges and use of JIDS. By accepting the JIDS End User Agreement, a user agrees to use JIDS in accordance with conditions and limitations outlined within the Agreement and the Privacy Policy. Every user who accesses JIDS must accept the Agreement.

How will Compact Offices keep track of who has signed the JIDS End User Agreement? The first time a user signs into JIDS, the system will force the user to view the JIDS End User Agreement page. The user must accept the Agreement prior to receiving access. This will allow Compact Administrators to run reports on the users in their state.

Click here to view the JIDS Privacy Policy.

Click here to view the JIDS End User Agreement.


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