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Spotlight on JIDS (Juvenile Interstate Data System)Newsletter
2011 - 2012
Information Technology Committee Members

+ Chair
Traci Marchand - NC

+ Members
Donna Bonner - TX
Anne Connor - NV
Dale Dodd - NM
Shelley Hagan - WI
Don Jones - WA
Sherry Jones - MD
Robyn Peterson - OH
Bob Takeshta - CA
Fred White - MA

+Ex-Officio Members
Michael Farmer - CA
John Gusz - NJ
Jason McCrea - PA
Issue 6 - May 22, 2012

JIDS Support and Helpdesk

In preparation for the implementation of the Juvenile Interstate Data System (JIDS), the Technology Committee is publishing a number of short articles as part of the preparation process. Each article will discuss an aspect of the implementation with the goal of helping your staff to be prepared for a new way of doing business.

+ What kind of technical support will be available? - The scale of the JIDS project presents several difficulties. One of those is managing technical support and user issues. In order to handle the expected volume of questions each state will need to identify an individual within their compact office to serve as their helpdesk liaison. This person will be designated to resolve all internal issues (problems with local connections, local computers, etc.) and answering process questions of navigating JIDS.

Problems that reflect an error with the system, a system deficiency, or an enhancement to the system can be communicated by the designated helpdesk liaison.  These helpdesk liaisons will be required to attend additional training for using the ticket tracking software administered by the National Office. Dates for this training as well as User Administration training will be released closer to the dates of implementation.

+ Helpdesk software - The National Office is utilizing a program called Zendesk to facilitate the JIDS Helpdesk. The implementation of helpdesk software allows the National Office to track requests, types of issues, resolution times, and new bugs in JIDS all within a central location. Helpdesk liaisons will also be able to check the status of their open tickets and review their past ticket submissions.

Who can submit a ticket? - Each compact office will designate a single individual to serve as a helpdesk liaison between the compact office and the National Office. Every end user within a given state will forward their issues with JIDS to this one person. This action keeps the compact office informed of any issues that arise within that state. Appointing a helpdesk liaison streamlines the ticket submission process and ensures that all tickets will be resolved in a timely fashion.

+ Helpdesk portal and web address - Commission members can access the JIDS Helpdesk by going to the Commission’s website and clicking on the “JIDS” tab; please note, they must be signed into their website account.

+ Knowledge Base - Another benefit of the JIDS Helpdesk is the availability of an online knowledge base which consists of training materials, user manuals, helpful hints, and forums. Any user who has a question about JIDS should visit the JIDS Knowledge Base first. 

If you still have questions about JIDS, the National Office will gladly be of assistance. Please contact Jack Branum,, for additional information.


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