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Spotlight on JIDS (Juvenile Interstate Data System)Newsletter
2011 - 2012
Information Technology Committee Members

+ Chair
Traci Marchand - NC

+ Members
Anne Connor - NV
Dale Dodd - NM
Shelley Hagan - WI
Don Jones - WA
Sherry Jones - MD
Robyn Peterson - OH
Bob Takeshta - CA
Fred White - MA

+Ex-Officio Members
Michael Farmer - CA
John Gusz - NJ
Jason McCrea - PA
Issue 9 - June 19, 2012

JIDS Screen Shots

In preparation for the implementation of the Juvenile Interstate Data System (JIDS), the Technology Committee is publishing a number of short articles as part of the preparation process. Each article will discuss an aspect of the implementation with the goal of helping your staff to be prepared for a new way of doing business.

+ A Sneak Peek Inside JIDS - As testing continues, the Technology Committee is providing Commission members a first glance at JIDS. Read on to see JIDS’ login page, the screen to search for a juvenile, the page where you will add a new juvenile file and a page to view a juvenile’s details.

+ JIDS Login Page - Users will access JIDS using an internet browser.  The first screen that users will see is the login:

JIDS Login Screen

 [click on the image for full screen]

The user’s email address serves as their user name. All users will receive a default password to access JIDS. After logging into JIDS with the default password, users must immediately change their password. All passwords must be a minimum length of eight (8) characters, a mix of lowercase and uppercase, and include one special character and one number.  Once successfully logged in, users can begin to navigate the system.

+ Search Page in JIDS - Before entering a juvenile, a user will need to search JIDS to ensure that juvenile does not already exist, thus preventing duplicate juveniles from being entered.  The search functionality in JIDS allows a user to conduct a search using any combination of the following fields:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Status (Parole, Probation, Non-delinquent runaway)
  • Type (Transfer, Travel Permit, Return)
  • Juvenile sex offender status
  • JIDS number
  • Date file entered
  • To state(receiving or holding state)
  • From state (sending or home/demanding state)
  • Case status
  • Minimum parole/probation expiration date
  • Maximum parole/probation expiration date
JIDS Search Screen 

[click on the image for full screen]

+ Adding a Juvenile - After ensuring a juvenile does not already exist within JIDS, a user can add a new juvenile file by clicking on the “Add Content” link in the menu located on the left-hand side of the screen:
JIDS Add a Juvenile Page

[click on the image for full screen]

The fields marked with asterisks are required fields; a user must enter data into each of the required fields in order to create a new file.

+ Using the ICJ Forms in JIDS - Once a user opens a juvenile’s file, a Web Viewer loads in a new browser window where a user can access the documents related to a juvenile’s file.

JIDS Web Viewer

[click on the image for full screen]

Users can generate e-forms that resemble the current mandatory and optional ICJ Forms.  JIDS auto-populates the e-forms using the juvenile’s identifying information. A sample ICJ Form IA/VI is shown below:

JIDS E-Form Screen
[click on the image for full screen]

Please note that these screen images are subject to change.  If you have questions about JIDS please direct your questions to Jack Branum, or (859) 721-1061.


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