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“A Snapshot of Juvenile Sex Offender Registration and Notification Laws – a Survey of the United States”Published by Nicole Pittman and Quyen Nguyen of the Defender Association of Philadelphia, this survey provides the information needed to launch a dialogue on the inclusion of children in sex offender registration and notification systems.8/1/20121139
"Transferring Juveniles Outside Compact Can Cause Problems"Published by the Council of State Governments (CSG), this article provides insight into the difficulties Compact member states face when dealing with cases involving non-member states.7/26/2012402
"The Interstate Compact for Juveniles and Status Offense Advocacy Fact Sheet"Published by the American Bar Association (ABA), this article provides a brief synopsis of ICJ and how the Compact affects juvenile status offenders. This publication also provides tips to lawyers who are representing status offenders.9/24/20103997
"Tracking Movement of Kids Keeps Them, and Communities, Safer, " Capitol Ideas, Jan - Feb 2010Update on ICJ and its activity in 43 member states/territories.9/24/20103213
"Keeping Track - Updated Compact Keeps Juvenile Offenders from Falling through the Cracks," NCIC Connections, Vol. 1, 2009Provides an in-depth analysis for the reasons leading to the new Interstate Commission for Juveniles.9/24/20103438