Compliance Priority C: Compact Office Operations

*Indicates Core Standard to be assessed each monitoring cycle.
Standard Number Standard Language Rule/Policy Reference
C-01* JIDS: States shall use the electronic information system authorized by the Commission for all forms processed through the Interstate Compact for Juveniles. Rule 3-101
C-02 JIDS: Allow only authorized users to access the information in JIDS and only for purposes related to the performance of their official duties. Privacy Policy 5.0 (a)(10) Privacy Policy 5.0 (a)(10)
C-03 JIDS: Information will be reviewed periodically for purging. Privacy Policy 21.0 (a)
C-04 JIDS: The ICJ will require any individuals authorized to use the system to agree in writing to comply with the provisions of this policy. Privacy Policy 24.0 (e)
C-05 Each ICJ Office shall develop policies/procedures on how to handle ICJ matters within their State. Rule 4-102(1)
C-06 Each ICJ Office shall have policies/procedures in place involving the return of juveniles that will ensure the safety of the public and juveniles. Rule 6-102(9)