Request for Proposal

The Interstate Commission for Juveniles seeks a vendor to upgrade a forms management system to a customized web-based application to support the business processes associated with compact-related business.  Interested parties should review the ICJ RPF document and submit questions and responses according the time-frames outlined below:




ICJ Issues RFP    November 12, 2018
Vendors Submit Questions to ICJ    November 26, 2018
ICJ Posts Responses to Questions    December 10, 2018
Vendors Submit Proposals to ICJ    January 18, 2018
Vendor Interviews and System Demonstrations    February 20, 2019
ICJ Designates Successful Vendor     March 8, 2019
Contract Start Date and Work Begins    April 1, 2019


RFP Coordinator:

Jennifer Adkins
Project Manager
(859) 721-1063