State Restrictions Related to COVID-19

On Friday, March 13, 2020 President Trump declared a national state of emergency. According to ICJ Policy 05-2009 Emergency Guidelines, states “will follow their state’s guidelines and procedures for managing, locating, and supervising juveniles in the event of an emergency. . .” Therefore, information regarding any restrictions imposed by other states is particularly important at this time.

Due to the rapidly changing nature of information, please note that the restrictions listed below may not reflect the most recent information available. Please check with State ICJ Offices for the most up-to-date information. Unless a specific contact number is indicated below, please reference the ICJ State Offices Directory for all contact information.

Submit your state's information, including updates to previously submitted information using this form.

Please visit the CDC's website for travel information, including travel restrictions here.

Additional resources are available on the COVID-19 Resources page.

State Visit Restrictions Airport Restrictions Contact Number Other Information
Alabama School are closed, Stay at home rule enacted, travel for JPO's restricted, Courts are holding only emergency hearings. N/A 334-215-3820
Alaska In-person visitation at DJJ facilities is resuming, with restrictions, along a phased-in continuum. 907-465-1389
Arizona Schools are slowing opening to in person learning. It is anticipated that in Oct 2020 more district will have in person learning and that all schools will have in person learning by Jan 2021. Most businesses are now opening slowly at reduced capacities. Some counties and cities are starting to ease mask requirements. In person supervision is slowly being resumed but most other court operations still remain by video only. Masks are still required at the airport and for most airline flights (480) 229-4831 Howard Wykes is contact person.
Arkansas AR DYS is requiring that before an out-of-state runaway can be returned to our State, they must be screened (not tested) for Covid-19. Similar screenings will be done on runaways held in AR before they are returned to their Home State. None 501-682-1929 Schools in AR have been closed until 4-17-20. There is a curfew in Little Rock for juveniles and adults.
California Stay at home order in effect for non essential workers. Schools, parks, retail stores remain closed. Restaurants offer drive in/ take out only. Local probation offices will conduct all contacts with juvenile offenders telephonically. No airport restrictions, but proper precautions should be taken including the use of face mask if traveling. (916) 215-8591 No restrictions on the processing of ICJ cases. Any restrictions on the state of California ICJ procedures will be shared.
Colorado Colorado is now under a State Wide Stay at Home Mandate. All Schools and Colleges remain closed until further notice. Everything in the State is closed with the except of Hospitals, Grocery Stores, Medical offices and drive thru or carry out Restaurants. The ICJ office, Parole and Probation Offices continue to work remotely. The courts are open but with limited staff. DIA remains open. However no Airport Supervision will be provided while the Stay at Home Mandate is in effect. Please continue to contact Commissioner Foxworth via email, as the phones can't be forwarded at this time.
Connecticut All schools have been closed for a minimum of 2 weeks. All gyms, restaurants, casinos, and movie theaters have been closed. Court hearings for juveniles will be held in only 2 locations, Bridgeport and Hartford. Probation will have limited staff available to perform day to day operations. Entrance to detention centers is limited to staff and contractors only. Travel permits into and out of Connecticut have been postponed. None at this time. 860-461-5686 Additional questions can be sent to Deputy Compact Administrator Jason Criscio via email Also, Commissioner Tasha Hunt will be available by cell phone (860) 461-5686
Delaware Schools closed two weeks, No out of state travel. None; Philadelphia is open. 302-633-2698 Interstate team except Commissioner is working remotely and may be reached by email. Commissioner's work cell is 302-304-2989
District of Columbia All contact with youths will occur via telephone or other media means such as Skype, Facetime and Whats APP. Schools are temporarily closed beginning 03/14/2020 through 03/31/2020. Curfew contacts will be conducted via telephone. Schools are closed, as such the required school visits are suspended until schools re-open. No restrictions announced at this time. 202-368-8649 The District of Columbia announced effective Monday, March 16, 2020 through Tuesday, March 31, 2020. All DC Agency have an existing telework policy. All District Government Agencies, have provided guidance for maintaining essential functions and operations of our agencies during special emergency response circumstances. We are continuing to identify the additional steps that need to be taken during this time as the response to COVID-19 unfolds.
Florida FL DJJ Office of Health Services developed COVID-19 guidance for facilities serving DJJ youth which includes CDC criteria on how to assess and care for youth who are exhibiting fever and respiratory symptoms, environmental cleaning & disinfection recommendations. Schools closed until April 15 (subject to change). Most residential facilities are not allowing visits. Florida’s ITN/STARS (Statewide Transportation and Relocation System) is shut down until further notice. (NO Extradition movement) None at this time. (850) 717-2595 As of 3/26/20: private transport services are temporarily suspended. Other restrictions: Restaurants are limited to drive-thru and take-out only, bars, clubs, gyms and movie theaters are closed. Non-essential travel for state employees is suspended until further notice. Continue to email the FL ICJ office with update request as needed. Effective, April 2, 2020: Florida ICJ Office is mandated to follow the Executive Order of the Governor 20-91 and will be telecommuting with limited staff in the office, until further notice.

Phone: Agnes Denson (850) 322-2197 or Tracy Howard (850) 408-0676
Georgia Facility visits continue to be suspended until further notice; Community Service Offices are only providing in person meetings for high level offenders, otherwise meetings with youth and families are conducted virtually Airport Surveillance will be provided on a limited basis 404-683-8606
Hawaii 8/27/20-Govenor issued a partial shutdown for 2 weeks; mandatory nshelter in place/work from home. Only essential business and workers allowed to be open and work. Public Schools continue distance learningand has been extended to 10/02/20. Mandatory 14 day quarantine continues. Incoming travelers from Oahu to the other islands also mandated to 14 day quarantine. Pre-testing travel pushed back to 10/01/20 808-954-8224
Idaho As of 6/25/2020 Governor Brad Little announced today Idaho will transition to a regional response to COVID-19, and the state did not meet metrics to move out of the final stage of the Idaho Rebounds plan.* Whether face-to-face visits are allowed with families varies across the state varies. With 44 counties and a corresponding 7 regional health agencies, it's best to contact the ICJ Office to determine current restrictions. There are no posted restrictions at the Boise airport but wearing face masks is likely a mandate based on airline requirements. 208-577-5406 Anne Connor -
Jen Baer -
Illinois Schools are closed until March 30 (subject to change). State government is not authorizing any travel out of an employee assigned area. Probation has assigned agents to work from home as well as the Probation ICJ Office. Local courthouses and probation offices are limiting probation visits. Cook County court operations, both criminal and civil, will be postponed for nearly a month. Parole/aftercare has been assigned to work remotely from their assigned offices. No Surveillance Limited visits to correctional facilities are allowed. Only critical positions are allowed to enter facilities. Only emergency transports and extraditions are being done. Local restaurants and bars has been ordered not to dine-in, but take out and delivery are still open. Screening tools are in place for those who must make contact with families. Most courts are closed and staff is working from home. The Department of Juvenile Justice is working remotely from home. Parole: runaways and accused - Tomiko Frierson office: 708.709.3382; cell 708.613.1419. Probation: Holly Kassaube cell 217 481-7428
Indiana Indiana is currently holding in its stage 4.5 reopening phase until the end of July 2020. Face coverings have been mandated for several counties - (recommended to inquire for additional updates). The compact office remains fully operational with specialists working remotely off site. In person home visits and face-to-face reporting are not permissible in some local jurisdictions. Video conferencing and supplemental technology resources are being utilized to aid counties in meeting compliance. (317) 232-1315
Iowa Iowa Juvenile Court Officers are currently not doing face to face visits. Instead they are doing video conference and telephonic visits. Face to Face visits are restricted to emergency situations only. 515-725-4068 IA is slowly phasing out and modifying restrictions previously put into place. Restaurants, salons, and medical offices are beginning to open back up with capacity restrictions and other COVID guidelines. Schools will remain closed through the end of the school year. ICJ and Field staff continue to work remotely. All Iowans are being asked to continue to practice social distancing and gatherings are still limited to under 10. IA detention centers and residential facilities have visitor restrictions in place and other COVID related guidelines.
Kentucky Any Kentucky youth being held in another state will be asked to submit to COVID-19 testing prior to returning/being transported back to Kentucky. If a Kentucky youth tests positive for COVID-19 in another state, they have to be medically cleared prior to travel. Youth traveling to Kentucky from certain states will be asked to self quarantine for 14 days. Please contact the KY ICJ Office for a list of those states because that list changes. Limited transports to the airport and must be cleared of Covid-19 Email Amy Welch or Anna Butler. The Kentucky ICJ Office is telecommuting
Louisiana Staff are not allowed to make contact with any youth, as it relates to supervision, many courts are currently closed, some officers are on call in the event a need arises. None known 225-922-0614
Maryland CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES: Maryland DPSCS is suspending all visits to correctional facilities. The department will provide free phone calls and video visitation for inmates. MD DJS has suspended all face-to-face contacts, home and community-based visitation(s); however, interview/investigation for incoming OOS Courtesy Supervision is being processed via telephone and virtual means (facetime). 4/8: DJS is suspending ALL facilty-to-facility transfers to support health and safety of staff and youth. Unable to access without ticket. (410) 230-3200 Youth pending extradition to neighboring States will be housed in staff secure shelters. At this time there are no confirmed cases in Maryland Juvenile Detention Facilities. The MD Courts are closed to the public. MANDATORY TELEWORK: Mandatory telework began Friday, March 13, 2020 for non-essential state employees.
Massachusetts: Parole Face-to-face, community-based visits are scaled back but not completely halted. Teams are using discretion based on need. Contact will primarily be maintained through phone and virtual platforms (e.g. Zoom). None at this time. 617-908-7025
Massachusetts: Probation MA courts closed to the public, except to conduct emergency hearings and some non-emergency matters that cannot be resolved through a videoconference or telephonic hearing, through July 1. Probation staff are NOT conducting any home visits, and supervision is mostly through telephonic contact. MA is limiting all transfer requests in and out of the state until July 1. Priority will be given to cases at-risk for homelessness. Limited Travel Permit Requests. K-12 Schools closed for the year. (617) 557-0234 Stephania Cueva - Direct Line: 617-557-0234; Cell: 978-376-7036; email:; Donna Reed- Cell: 617-833-2778; email:
Michigan Updated 30 Sep 2020. Updated September 30, 2020. Visits to residential treatment facilities are limited under Governor Whitmer Executive Order 2020-188. ICJ surveillance services in Michigan remain suspended. Airlines are expected to operate reduced flight schedules and some flights may be subject to cancellation. 517-335-4256 CONTACT INFO: Please use 517-335-4256 and leave voicemail if not direct answer. For ICJ email, please contact

Updated September 30, 2020. Governor Whitmer Executive Order 2020-186 continues a state of emergency through October 27, 2020. This may be continued. Face coverings remain required in enclosed public spaces. Michigan ICJ office staff remain working from out of the office. MDHHS counties are using local plans to resume in-person casework to the maximum extent practical.
Minnesota K-12 schools closed at this time. None Known 651-361-7321
Mississippi 769-798-0234
Missouri We are making decisions daily regarding strategies to meet the needs of our youth in this rapidly changing and unprecedented environment. At this time, non-essential in person contact is suspended. Staff will remain in contact with youth and families by phone and skype. Any necessary in person visits will occur only after confirmation that all parties are asymptomatic and with significant distancing. 573-751-1283
Montana We will be processing all TR's and RI's now; only travel restriction is to self-quarantine for 14 days in your residence if travelling into MT. (406) 444-9522 Our compact office remains open at this time with regular phone and email communication channels available to address any issues.
Nebraska NE has been slowly phasing out and reducing restrictions. Restaurants, salons and other businesses have been allowed to reopen with capacity restrictions and other COVID-19 guidelines. Social distancing continues to be strongly recommended. (402) 471-0332
Nevada Schools are closed until at least 4/6/2020. Home visits and field work are restricted as well as office visits. Only essential out-of-state travel is permitted. The NV ICJ office is working remotely, best way to reach us is by email. Gladys Olivares ( and Destiny Hernandez (
New Hampshire Visits: NH has resumed face to face visits with juveniles and families on a case by case basis and with safety protocols in place. Out of State Travel: juveniles entering NH from outside of the New England states are required to quarantine for 2-weeks upon entry. None at this time 603-573-1590 School: Some NH schools have resumed in person, while others have opted for a hybrid model or full remote learning to start the year.
Field: Field officers and supervisor continue to work remotely, with limited staff being allowed in local offices at a time.

Caitlyn Bickford continues to be the contact for all ICJ related business and continues to work remotely. Caitlyn can be reached by phone or email:
New Jersey Some travel limitations--contact the NJ Compact office for further detail. NJ ICJ will be working remotely. Please continue to use regular ICJ contact information.
New Mexico No transfers will be allowed to City of Gallup, New Mexico, which has placed under Riot Control Act, so no visitors allowed into or off city limits. City is locked down until end of May. Self Isolate upon arrival for out of state travelers 505-699-7476 Transfer cases cannot be accepted to city of Gallup at this time.
New York: Parole On June 24, 2020, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo issued Executive Order No. 205, requiring individuals traveling to New York, from states with significant community spread of COVID-19, to quarantine for 14 days. Should a juvenile be traveling from an identified state to New York for a visit, or testing residence, the juvenile/family may be subject to the mandatory 14 day quarantine. Please contact the New York ICJ Office or for a list of applicable states. NY will not be able to provide airport surveillance at this time. 518-473-4512 Field staff will be in contact with assigned youth and will conduct their interviews as best practices allow using social distancing and good hygiene practices. If a request for runaway apprehension is submitted, please ensure that a requisition is submitted along with NCIC entry.
New York: Probation The New York State Probation Compact Office will be telecommuting for the next 2 weeks. All staff will have access to their work email accounts, which are listed in the national directory, and all questions or issues should be submitted in that form, with a copy to For emergency situations that need immediate assistance, please contact Probation DCA Matt Charton at 518-708-5338.
North Carolina Home & facility visits have resumed by NC field staff (Court Counselors) while wearing PPE’s and maintaining social distancing when possible. NC court proceedings have resumed. Judicial Districts are conducting proceedings on a case by case basis; some via tele-conference with others reducing/limiting the size of the dockets to maintain social distancing. Airport surveillances have resumed through Charlotte-Douglas and Raleigh-Durham. These airports have remained open throughout the pandemic with reduced flight schedules. Surveillances are being conducted and are considered on an individual basis. (919) 324-6396 On September 30, Governor Cooper cautiously eased restrictions with Executive Order 169, which moves NC into Phase 3 beginning on October 2 at 5pm. Its new provisions include the following: Large outdoor venues with seating greater than 10,000 may operate with 7% occupancy for spectators. Smaller outdoor entertainment venues, like arenas or amphitheaters, may operate outdoors at 30% of outdoor capacity, or 100 guests, whichever is less. Movie theaters and conference centers may open indoor spaces to 30% of capacity, or 100 guests, whichever is less. Bars may operate outdoors at 30% of outdoor capacity, or 100 guests, whichever is less. Amusement parks may open at 30% occupancy, outdoor attractions only. The limits on mass gatherings will remain at 25 people indoors and 50 people outdoors.
North Dakota Out of state travel is extremely limited. All visits with people outside of the office are suspended and Skype will be used when possible. No outside agency people allowed in offices as this time. 701-328-3936
Ohio State Juvenile Parole: Home visits allowed for high risk youth and sex offenders. All other contact will be made via phone/video. County Juvenile Probation: Contact Ohio ICJ Office for county-specific restrictions. All travel for employees halted unless deemed "mission critical". In-person meetings suspended. Juvenile correctional facilities suspended visitation. "Stay At Home" order extended to 5/1/2020. Anyone entering Ohio from out of state is asked to self-quarantine for 14 days. Airports remains open. Coordination for transport to and from airports will be very difficult. 614-466-2788 All schools in Ohio have been cancelled for at least the next 3 weeks. Restaurants and bars have been ordered to close. Barbers hops, hair salon, tattoo parlors, nail salons, spas are now closed. Restaurants are take out only. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles is now closed. Many courts are operating under restricted dockets. All employers are encouraged to screen employees at the beginning of every work day. Please continue to contact the Ohio ICJ Office for any case or county specific questions.
Oklahoma Face-to-face and home visits are prohibited. All residential juvenile justice facilities have ended visitation at this time. It is still being determined what schools / classes will open this fall. None at this time. 405-990-3801
Oregon 3/23/20: Stay at Home Executive Order in effect until terminated. Parole/Probation: Home visits & field work restricted. Please contact Oregon ICJ Office regarding any county specific restrictions on probation cases. OYA facilities & secure detention centers visitations are canceled & restricted visitation is allowed for youth's attorneys & JPPO's/Probation Officers if needed. Only essential transports will be conducted including ICJ, and due to safety concerns regarding a youth or court ordered No airport restrictions at this time. 503-373-7569 Schools are closed until the end of April 2020. All non-essential travel is prohibited and non-essential businesses have been ordered to close while this Executive Order is in place. Please contact Oregon ICJ Office if you have any questions pertaining to this Executive Order. Please note that this information is emergent and subject to change. The Oregon ICJ Office is working remotely and will remain open at this time.
Pennsylvania As of 8/14/20, people who travel to PA from AL, AZ, AR, CA, FL, GA, ID, KS, LA, MS, MO, NV, ND, OK, SC, TN, and TX are being asked to self-quarantine for 14 days upon their arrival in Pennsylvania (this list is updated every Friday
Rhode Island RI is not conducting face to face contacts at this time. We are utilizing Skype, FaceTime, phone contacts and other technology to see as many youth as possible. The Governor has ordered that anyone arriving via the RI Airport, domestic and international, self quarantine for 14 days. We have not ever been asked to do airport surveillance. Given that, I would say we cannot provide surveillance under the current circumstances. If there were an emergency, we would address that on a case by case basis. 401-528-3520
South Carolina SC Department of Juvenile Justice has suspended visitation at all secure facilities an alternative placement sites for days (April 14th). Only essential external functions and personnel will be allowed in our facilities. None 803-896-8088 Secondary contact number is 803-896-9351
South Dakota
Tennessee Agency staff are making contacts with youth via video conferencing & face to face with social distancing. TN is gradually reopening encouraging employees to protect co-workers & customers by using social distancing, proper hygiene & wearing protective equipment when appropriate. State employees must wear masks in offices & those who can continue to work from home. The Supreme Court has mandated that masks must be worn during court hearings, with exceptions for persons w/specific medical problems None at this time (615) 741-9856 Agency staff is prohibited from out of state air travel. Compact office staff are working and accessible via normal communication channels. We will strive to meet deadlines; however, in some situations this crisis may create a barrier to meeting established deadlines.
Texas JPOs in at least two major counties will not visit any youth in the field and will only supervise by telephone. More are expected to enact similar policies soon. No work related or out of state travel for most state agencies. As of 3/18/20, Texas' airport supervision provider will not be able to go to the airport to do airport supervision at this time. Airport supervision at DFW and Houston (Bush Intl) is suspended until further notice. Texas ICJ will be working from home starting Thursday 3/19/20. Email or communication request is the best way to reach us.
Utah Utah's Judiciary issued an amended Administrative Order dated June 26, 2020, that extends restrictions, possibly for at least another six months. This continues to limit most hearings to remote transmission (phone/video conferencing) and continues to limit Probation's contact with youth and families to remote communication. Airport Surveillance is unavailable due to restrictions placed on staff travel and contact with youth. Transportation to airports of out-of-state youth is limited, in some cases, unavailable. (801) 578-3857 Utah has removed the travel declaration requirement for incoming travelers.
Vermont All prior ICJ approvals where the juvenile has not relocated are suspended. No face-to-face meetings or home visits. Alternate communication will be utilized. VT Governor issued a Stay At Home Stay Safe Order that goes into effect at 5pm on 3/25/2020. As a result of this order, Amtrak will not be providing service to VT at this time. 802-735-6104 Starting 3/18/2020 ICJ will be teleworking until further notice. Schools, restaurants, gyms, and businesses are ordered to be closed.
Virgin Islands
Virginia Home & field visits are being made via telephone and video, when possible. Out-of-state travel has been suspended for 30 days. Visitation to correctional centers has been suspended. Local detentions centers have varied policies regarding visitation. Air travel from airports with international flights are suspended. Other air travel will be considered on individual basis. Schools now closed for the year. Court restrictions in place and most localities are closed to the public. Non-essential business are closed. Stay-at-home order issued until 6/10/20.
Washington Individual counties are able to apply for phase 2 & 3 for reopening. No face to face parole or probation contact is approved at this time. None known at this time 360-485-5113 ICJ staff teleworking until further notice. Continue to e-mail:

ICJ Staff are scheduled for mandatory furlough days once per week through July. Response times may be delayed during those days.
West Virginia Juvenile correctional facilities and detention centers have stopped all visitation; all schools are closed; State employee travel ban in effect. 304-558-4281
Wisconsin No restrictions. JPO's are not conducting in-person HER's or home visits. School is in session, but vary from district to district. Some are in-person, some are virtual, and some are a combination. No travel restrictions. None at this time. 608-240-5931