Information to Share with JPS and JPO Users

This section highlights information some state ICJ Offices are sharing with users, often via email. Thanks to state ICJ offices for sharing your work.

UNITY Training Site Rollout

On April 12, all registered users were granted access to the UNITY Training Site. The site was developed to be a replica of the actual UNITY site and will function identical to the UNITY site. It was designed for users to be able to put in to practice what they have learned from the training modules completed through the LMS, ICJ.TalentLMS.

Time Limit and Access

The UNITY Training Site will be available 24/7, even after UNITY goes live. Users are encouraged to access the Training Site at any time to practice skills.

Technical Specifications

UNITY can be accessed from any device with a modern browser and internet access. The follow is a list of supported web browsers and versions:

  • Microsoft Edge (Version 84 and above)
  • Google Chrome (Version 80 and above)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Version 78 and above)

Please note: Internet Explorer is not supported as it is no longer being actively developed by Microsoft and does not support new web standards adopted by modern browsers.

Help and Support

If you notice a problem or have an issue while using the UNITY Training Site, please contact your State ICJ Compact Office or view this video for instructions on how to enter the issue into your state’s system support center. Each state has its own entry point for system issues and entries are monitored by state ICJ Offices and the ICJ National Office.


All users will have access to the UNITY Training Site regardless of the completion of the training modules through ICJ.TalentLMS. Users are encouraged to complete the UNITY training modules through the LMS, ICJ.TalentLMS prior to practicing on the UNITY Training Site. After watching the video, some users may find it useful to listen to the video (playing in a second browser window) while practicing in the UNITY Training site.

If you do not yet have an account for the ICJ.TalentLMS site, you can request one on the home page. View a list of available courses on the On Demand page

State Compact Offices may offer one-on-one or group trainings to assist users in becoming more efficient within the UNITY system. For more information, contact your state ICJ Office.


It is important that you practice on the UNITY Training Site prior to UNITY “go-live” in May. This will give you an opportunity to test out your skills, as well as offer feedback to your UNITY Coordinator on features that could be changed or fine-tuned for more efficient operation. Your feedback is welcome and all suggestions will be brought to the attention of the development team.

Models and Roles

Please ensure you are aware of the rollout method for your state. This will either be Model 1 (full field rollout), Model 2 (partial rollout), or Model 3 (only ICJ Compact Office will use). Your role in ICJ case management will likely remain much the same.

UNITY retains the JIDS roles of JPO, JPS and ICJO.  

Data and Placeholder Documents

Please be aware that adding real juvenile documents (probation orders, etc.) is prohibited on the UNITY Training Site. In addition, case specific documents should be uploaded as part of a Case Task and should not be uploaded in the Juvenile Documents section, as those documents are visible to all UNITY users, regardless of state or user group. Additionally, any UNITY user can delete documents placed into the Juvenile Documents section.

The Training Committee developed a wide range of sample documents available for uploading to the Training Site. They are available for download from the UNITY Training Toolkit.

Updates and Enhancements

When updates or enhancements are made to UNTY, they will take effect in the UNITY Training Site first. You will have the opportunity to practice on the Training Site and familiarize yourselves with the changes prior to implementing them within the actual UNITY site.