UNITY User Manuals

Two UNITY User Manuals are now available. The UNITY State ICJO Administrator Manual and UNITY ICJO/JPS/JPO User Manual were developed by Optimum Technologies, the vendor developing UNITY. User Manuals are available to users logged into UNITY (Training or Production Site), in the Resources section and on the ICJ Help Center.

UNITY State ICJO Administrator Manual

The UNITY State ICJO Administrator Manual is intended for State ICJO Coordinators who will have the role as system administrator for their state users in the UNITY system. It will include how to configure zones, create new users, add consents, news items, and resources for their state. This manual will also highlight certain functions in UNITY built specifically for State ICJOs, such as the ICJO Master Task List, as well as the User Directory, which provides more visibility to other state user contacts exclusively for State ICJOs.


The UNITY ICJO/JPS/JPO User Manual is intended for all users in the UNITY system who will be creating juveniles, cases, and managing case workflow. These users will include JPO, JPS, and State ICJO roles. All common elements of the UNITY system will be described, including how to login and navigate through the system, menu listing, home page tiles, and updating user profiles. The Master Task List and User Directory pages will be presented from a JPO/JPS perspective. The manual will also include step-by-step instructions on how to create a juvenile, case, and manage task workflow.