Using the UNITY Training Site

The UNITY Training Site is an interactive virtual environment where learners can test new skills without impacting actual juvenile cases. The site will include all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It will be available 24/7. There is no set time limit and advance reservations are not required.  

Juvenile Data

In order to protect juvenile confidentiality, data will not be migrated from JIDS to the Training Site. Furthermore, learners are prohibited from using data regarding real juveniles, especially those subject to the ICJ.

Instead, learners will create and work with fictional juveniles and cases.  Sample scenarios are provided in this toolkit. Each ICJO will select which scenarios to use for training purposes, if any. Fictional Placeholder Documents are also  provided, so that they may be uploaded as needed. These documents should not be considered complete. They simply serve as PDFs to be uploaded when necessary.  Learners may use other fictional names and documents, at their own discretion.

Juvenile Profiles

As part of the training experience, users  create corresponding juvenile profiles, cases, and events. States  personalize cases by adding fictitious demographics and using Sending State (SS) or Home/Demanding State (HS/DS) as juvenile’s last name (i.e., John Test Kentucky, Demetrius Test Maryland, and Maria Test Illinois).  Other fictional names may be used at the learners discretion.

Using Scenarios

In this Toolkit, scenarios are presented for each of the case types (Travel, Transfer of Supervision, and Return).  For each case type, the first scenario directs the learner to create a new juvenile profile.  That juvenile profile will be used for all related cases and events in that section.  You may create additional profiles and scenarios as you see fit.  Just be sure to use fictional data. 

UNITY Counter Accounts

“Counter accounts” will be available so that each state can conduct trainings independently.
Each state will have a designated counter account to use as the Receiving/Holding State (RS/HS).
Each “counter account” will function as an ICJO Admin Account and act as a Model 3 state (for the sake of simplicity during training). This will allow users to work through cases as both the Sending and Receiving State without having to coordinate with another state. Counter accounts will be named to make their function clear (i.e.,

For Example:

Kentucky and Ohio have been paired for "counter accounts."  The Kentucky ICJO staff person can log into their own ICJO account AND their state’s counter account,

The “Counter Account” will be set up as follows:

  • Login Name:
  • First Name: First Name of the “KY UNITY Coordinator”
  • Last Name: Last Name of the “KY UNITY Coordinator”
  • User Role: ICJO Admin
  • Time Zone: Time Zone of “Sending / Home Demanding” State
  • Email: Email of the “KY UNITY Coordinator”

Training Partners

States will also be able to conduct trainings in collaboration with a partner state. If states wish to coordinate with another state to work through cases, states may reach out to another state to coordinate such training.