Anna Butler, Designee - KY

In the following ways, Anna has gone "above and beyond the call of duty":

  • Appointed Kentucky ICJ Designee
  • Assists KY ICJ Commissioner with day to day ICJ business
  • When ICJ Commissioner is unavailable she attends meetings, trainings, answers questions
  • Assisted in writing AOC/CDW manual on ICJ Chapter
  • Presented ICJ training to DCBS and AOC and assisted ICJ Commissioner with questions
  • When ICJ Commissioner is unavailable she processes transfer of supervision requests, quarterly reports and answers numerous communication requests from other states
  • Created KY ICJ monthly report with very little assistance
  • Assisted in writing ICJ trainings for DJJ, DCBS and AOC
  • Handles primarily ICJ returns and processes travel permits
  • National Human Trafficking Committee
  • Works after-hours and on weekends

I want to make sure Anna gets credit for the wonderful job she does. I am not sure what I would do without Anna. I am lucky to have her and feel we make a great KY 2 person ICJ team. 

- Amy Welch, Commissioner, Kentucky