About the Interstate Compact for Juveniles

The Interstate Commission for Juveniles

The Interstate Commission for Juveniles is the governing body of the Interstate Compact for Juveniles (ICJ). Commission members include representatives from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the US Virgin Islands, who work together to preserve child welfare and promote public safety. The Commission is responsible for promulgating and enforcing rules to implement the ICJ.

The Executive Committee oversees day-to-day activities of the Commission and administers compliance with the compact, its by-laws and rules.  Comprised of elected officers and appointed chairpersons, the Executive Committee has statutory power to act on behalf of the Commission when the Commission is not in session.

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The Interstate Compact for Juveniles

The Interstate Compact for Juveniles (ICJ) is the law that regulates the interstate movement of juveniles who are under court supervision or have run away to another state. The ICJ is a contract that has been adopted as law throughout the United States. Therefore, all state and local officials are legally bound to honor and enforce the terms of the Compact.

The Compact provides requirements for supervision and return of juveniles who:

  • are on probation, parole, or other supervision, or have escaped to another state;
  • have run away from home and left their state of residence;
  • have been accused of an offense in another state.

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ICJ State Offices

In each compacting state and territory, a Compact Administrator is responsible for the administration and management of the state’s supervision and transfer of juveniles subject to the Compact. Compact Administrators (along with their deputies and designees) work with other state and local officials on a wide variety of issues related to the:

  • return of runaways; probation/parole absconders; escapees; accused delinquents; status offenders;
  • transfer of supervision;
  • quarterly progress and violation reports;
  • travel permits;
  • airport surveillance requests; and
  • operation of State Councils on Interstate Supervision of Juveniles.

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