West Region

Regional Representative

Michael Farmer

Designee/UNITY Coordinator/Deputy Compact Administrator, California

Michael Farmer has been employed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), formerly the California Youth Authority, since 1997.  He has held positions as both a youth counselor and case manager within state juvenile facilities as well as providedsupervision services to juvenile parolees in the community. As the Deputy Compact Administrator or Designee, Michaelsupervised the daily operations of the California ICJ Office from 2010 to 2016. He returned to this position in July 2020.  Michael is a past Chair of the Compliance Committee and has previously served on the Information Technology and Rules Committees as well as the AAICPC/ICJ Work Group. In addition to his role with ICJ, Michael acts a liaison between DJJ and county agencies to provide information related to eligibility and acceptance, facility programming, and re-entry services for state committed youth. He works closely with local courts, probation departments, and social service agencies to provide training and resources related to ICJ and DJJ. Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of California, Berkeley and master’s degrees in social work and public administration from the University of Southern California.

Alternate Regional Representative

Dale Dodd

Commissioner/UNITY Coordinator, New Mexico

Dale is the current Commissioner of the Interstate Compact for Juveniles Office in the State of New Mexico. Prior to taking this position in 2002, he worked as a Juvenile Probation and Parole Officer in New Mexico since 1998. Dale’s experience includes working with juveniles in both California and New Mexico as a Juvenile Detention Center supervisor as well as a manager of a residential treatment facility in California before moving to New Mexico. An active member of the Association of Juvenile Compact Administrators, Dale served three terms on the Executive Board and numerous other Committees. Dale currently serves as the West Region Representative and is a member of the Executive Committee for the Interstate Commission for Juveniles.


Robert Heide

Commissioner, Alaska

  • Commissioner
  • Parole & Probation
  • Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice
  • PO Box 110635
    Juneau, Alaska 99811-0635

Doug Sargent

Compact Administrator, Arizona

  • Compact Administrator
  • Parole & Probation
  • Arizona ICJ Office
  • 100 N. 15th Ave, Suite 103
    Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Guillermo Viera Rosa

Commissioner, California

  • Commissioner
  • Parole & Probation
  • Division of Adult Parole Operations
  • Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
  • 1515 S St, Suite N212
    Sacramento, California 95811

Summer Foxworth

Deputy Compact Administrator/UNITY Coordinator, Colorado

  • Commissioner
  • Parole & Probation
  • Colorado Division of Youth Corrections
  • Colorado Division of Youth Corrections
  • 4143 S Julian Way
    Denver, Colorado 80236

Kristin Davidson

Compact Administrator, Hawaii

  • Commissioner / Compact Administrator
  • Parole & Probation
  • Office of the Chief Court Administrator
  • 4675 Kapolei Parkway
    Kapolei, Hawaii 69707

Monty Prow

Commissioner, Idaho

  • Commissioner
  • Parole & Probation
  • Idaho Dept. of Juvenile Corrections
  • 954 W Jefferson St. PO Box 83720
    Boise, Idaho 83720

Cathy Gordon

Compact Administrator/UNITY Coordinator, Montana

  • Commissioner / Compact Administrator
  • Parole & Probation
  • Interstate Compact Office
  • Division of Corrections
  • PO Box 201301
    Helena, Montana 59620-1301

David Laity

UNITY Coordinator, Nevada

  • Direct Phone: (775) 687-2262
  • Office Phone: (775) 688-1421
  • FAX: (775) 688-2662
  • Office Email: Dlaity@dcfs.nv.gov
  • Commissioner
  • Parole & Probation
  • Nevada Department of Health and Human Services
  • 751 Ryland Street
    Reno, Nevada 89502

Dale Dodd

UNITY Coordinator/Alternate Regional Representative, New Mexico

  • Commissioner
  • Parole & Probation
  • CYFD/JJS/ICJ Office-4359 Jaeger Dr. Ste. C.
    Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87144

Nina Belli

Commission Vice Chair/UNITY Coordinator, Oregon

  • Commissioner
  • Parole & Probation
  • Oregon Youth Authority
  • 45 82ND Drive, Suite 51B
    Gladstone, Oregon 97027

Neira Siaperas

Commissioner, Utah

  • Commissioner
  • Parole & Probation
  • Administrative Office of the Courts
  • 450 South State St., P.O. Box 140241
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-0241

Jedd Pelander

Commissioner, Washington

  • Commissioner
  • Parole & Probation
  • Department of Children, Youth and Families
  • Department of Children, Youth and Families
  • PO BOX 45720
    Olympia, Washington 98504

Maureen Clifton

Commissioner, Wyoming

  • Commissioner
  • Parole & Probation
  • Department of Family Services
  • 2300 Capitol Avenue, Hathaway Bldg. Third Floor
    Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002-0490