Training Committee

The Training, Education, and PR Committee is responsible for developing educational resources and training materials for use in the member states to help ensure awareness of, and compliance with, the terms of the Compact and the Commission’s rules.


Cathlyn Smith

Commissioner, Tennessee

Cathlyn Smith Photo


First Name Last Name Title State Office Email User Profile
Kaki Sanford Deputy Compact Administrator Alabama User Profile
Pat Pendergast Patrick Pendergast Designee Alabama User Profile
Ellen Hackenmueller Compact Administrator Alaska User Profile
Daniel Horacek Staff - Extradition Specialist Arizona User Profile
Maria Genca Maria Genca Designee Connecticut User Profile
Trudy Gregorie Trudy Gregorie Ex Officio/Victims Representative District of Columbia User Profile
Agnes Denson Agnes Denson Commissioner / Compact Administrator Florida User Profile
Anne Anne Connor Designee/Deputy Compact Administrator Idaho User Profile
Maureen Blaha Maureen Blaha Ex Officio Illinois User Profile
Jeff Cowger Jeff Cowger Commissioner Kansas User Profile
John Davis Commissioner/Compact Administrator Mississippi User Profile
Traci Traci Marchand Commissioner North Carolina User Profile
Jessica Wald Compact Administrator North Dakota User Profile
Mia Mia Pressley Commissioner South Carolina User Profile
Charles Frieberg Commissioner South Dakota User Profile
Cathlyn Smith Commissioner Tennessee User Profile
Eavey-Monique James Commissioner Virgin Islands User Profile
Dawn Bailey Dawn Bailey Designee/Compact Administrator Washington User Profile
Joy Swantz Joy Swantz Deputy Compact Administrator Wisconsin User Profile