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Signed into law:
May 24, 2006

Mia Pressley

Commissioner, SC

Mia Pressley Photo
  • Commissioner
  • Parole & Probation
  • SCDJJ - Interstate Compact Unit
  • SCDJJ - Interstate Compact Unit
  • PO Box 21069
    Columbia, SC 29221

Sylvia Murray

Agency Director, SC

  • Agency Director
  • Parole & Probation
  • South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice
  • South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice
  • P.O. Box 21069
    Columbia, SC 29221



Number: SC Code § 20-7-8800

Special Contact Information

Please send overnight express delivery items to:

SC DJJ-Interstate Compact Office
PO Box 21069
Columbia, SC 29221-1069

Sex Offender Information

State Sex Offender Matrix

Airport Surveillance

Supervision provided at Columbia, Charleston & Greenville/Spartanburg
Days: Monday - Friday
Hours: 8:30AM - 5:00PM
Advance notice: 48 hours

State Council


Felicia Dauway, Victims Services Manager, Department of Juvenile Justice
Judge David Guyton, Family Court Judge
Beth Mackinem, Director, Department of Juvenile Justice, Office of Community Justice
A. Shane Massey, State Senator
Serena McDaniel, Assistant Solicitor
Sylvia Murray, SCDJJ Director
Mia Pressley, Interstate Compact Coordinator, Commissioner, ICJ
Alana Williams, SCDJJ Legal Council

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