The following documents are the administrative policies of the Interstate Commission for Juveniles. These policies are enacted to ensure accountability and clarity regarding ICJ business. If you have any questions regarding these ICJ policies, please contact the National Office.


Policy Date Policy Number Policy Document Link Supplemental Form/Resource
01-2009 Response to Allegations of Default248.4 KB
03-2009 Dispute Resolution248.98 KB
04-2009 Alcohol Consumption at ICJ Business Functions29.03 KB
05-2009 Emergency Guidelines268.66 KB
06-2009 Travel Reimbursement288.94 KB
07-2009 Training and Technical Assistance278.63 KB
08-2009 Dues Assessment and Enforcement264.24 KB
09-2009 Training Requirements98.06 KB
01-2010 Accessing Legal Counsel92.19 KB
01-2011 State Council Enforcement242.55 KB
02-2011 Media Requests125.36 KB
03-2011 Posthumous Resolution192.62 KB
01-2012 National Office Records Retention80.42 KB
02-2012 Disposal of Assets71.63 KB
03-2012 Committee Guidelines297.57 KB
01-2014 Forms Responsibility94.58 KB
02-2014 Performance Measurement Policy and Standards294.18 KB
01-2015 Commissioner Appointment Enforcement49.71 KB
01-2016 Personnel Policies1.2 MB
01-2017 Code of Conduct293.08 KB
02-2017 Sanctioning Guidelines267.94 KB
01-2019 Mentoring Program255.54 KB
01-2020 Access to Historical Data234.66 KB
02-2020 Information System Modifications211.06 KB
01-2021 Juvenile Record Expungement229.83 KB
02-2021 UNITY Privacy Policy297.32 KB