Staff Recognition

The Commission believes in recognizing those individuals doing the day-to-day work of the Compact who surpass expectations to provide assistance. When should someone be recognized? When an individual engaged in ICJ business goes above and beyond the general call of duty to reach a conclusion or solution that best serves public safety.

If you know someone who, on a particular instance, went beyond what was required for a particular job, we want to hear about it.

Please relay quick details of the event by entering the information in the Staff Recognition Nomination Form. Nominations may be submitted by any member of ICJ. 


Recent Recognitions

"Ms. Wagner has been West Virginia's Compact Administer since the beginning and knows the Compact inside and out. When I took the job of Commissioner, I had little to no time to even learn about the Compact and relied 100% on Ms.

"While firmly holding us to high standards, Holly consistently has a helpful attitude and considerable patience while helping our staff navigate the intricacies of the Interstate Compact on Juveniles.

"Joy goes above and beyond every day to ensure that Wisconsin county workers/agents understand the ICJ rules, practices and policies and how they are applied. She is a great resource and is always willing to help out.

"Deputy Hunter tirelessly works on every one of the ICJ runaway returns up in Gillette, WY. He ensures that all parties involved are kept informed on the status of the juvenile's return regarding the Form III process; occasionally multiple juveniles at one time.

"I'm so impressed with how Gladys and Destiny have acclimated to their new roles in the Nevada ICJ Office and want to note what a pleasure it is to see them both becoming the ICJ practitioners they were destined to be.

"Commissioner Bridgewater has been very ecstatic in preparation for the 2018 ICJ Annual Business Meeting, which will be held in the state of LA. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that this year's annual business meeting is a major success.

"Jen goes above and beyond every day to ensure that field staff in Idaho understand the ICJ rules, practices and policies and how they are applied.

"Corrie is a great ICJ resource for the State of TN. Invariably she is juggling several runaway cases at once. Anyone involved with ICJ knows this can be a taxing task.