Staff Recognition

The Commission believes in recognizing those individuals doing the day-to-day work of the Compact who surpass expectations to provide assistance. When should someone be recognized? When an individual engaged in ICJ business goes above and beyond the general call of duty to reach a conclusion or solution that best serves public safety.

If you know someone who, on a particular instance, went beyond what was required for a particular job, we want to hear about it.

Please relay quick details of the event by entering the information in the Staff Recognition Nomination Form. Nominations may be submitted by any member of ICJ. 


Recent Recognitions

"April was very helpful in gathering additional information during a return when a youth was not allowed to board the plane. She stayed calm and was quick to respond and very patient when trying to make new travel arrangements. April was great to work with!!" - Anonymous 

"During a return that saw the transport plan collapse at the "11th hour," Paul notified the Wyoming ICJ Office and worked with his staff as well as the Wyoming ICJ Office until almost midnight the night before the transport to arrange for a later flight the next day.

"Tim is a wonderful leader, role model, and guide through ICJ and other probation practices. Tim never hesitates to assist and learn. Tim has been very helpful during the transition to Unity process." - Megan Chastek, Field Staff, Ohio

"During a difficult return where both ICJ offices were late to be notified, Tracy worked quickly, diligently and kindly to ensure the return process went as smoothly as possible." - Anonymous 

"Kellianne goes above and beyond through her partnership with other states. When the NE DCA was out of the office for her first vacation in a year, Kellianne made a special point to reach out to the staff person covering the ICJ tasks to ask if she could help and offer support.

"Abbie is always available to answer questions - no matter how big or small. She's always willing to help trouble shoot any issues and does it with a bright and positive attitude. She's played an intricate roll in UNITY development and roll out.

"Becky led MN in the transition to UNITY-which went off without a hitch thanks to her planning and preparation. Becky ensured that all users had taken all the required training, had active accounts, and logged in to the new system.

"Mike Pesch is a probation officer/field user in UNITY. He has gone above and beyond when it comes to learning the UNITY System.