Staff Recognition

The Commission believes in recognizing those individuals doing the day-to-day work of the Compact who surpass expectations to provide assistance. When should someone be recognized? When an individual engaged in ICJ business goes above and beyond the general call of duty to reach a conclusion or solution that best serves public safety.

If you know someone who, on a particular instance, went beyond what was required for a particular job, we want to hear about it.

Please relay quick details of the event by entering the information in the Staff Recognition Nomination Form. Nominations may be submitted by any member of ICJ. 


Recent Recognitions

"Corrie is a great ICJ resource for the State of TN. Invariably she is juggling several runaway cases at once. Anyone involved with ICJ knows this can be a taxing task.

"Ms. Cassell continuously demonstrates excellent leadership and customer service to the Interstate Commission for Juveniles and Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice. As the Georgia Deputy Compact Administrator since August 1st, 2016, Ms.

"Deputy Probation Officer Roberta Eitner, is tasked with all juvenile compact matters for youth in Orange County, California.

"Brandon is always so helpful when contacted regarding cases. He is very pro-active and solution-focused. He has been instrumental in assisting with obtaining information and recommendations during pre-sentencing of a youth.

"Abbie goes above and beyond for ICJ youth on a daily basis. She is tenacious and devoted, organized and tactful. Abbie is committed to ensuring Compact rules are followed, youth's best interests are served, and NE local staff are provided with accurate direction and guidance.

"Natalie provides timely direction for Juvenile transfer issues that sometimes branch into adult transfer issues. She has extraordinary patience with newly assigned field staff. She always makes time to answer questions or solve difficult issues.

"John is a Juvenile Probation Officer in Las Cruces, NM who takes on extra duties by being the ICJ back up while I am out of the office. John also supervises most of the ICJ transfer cases in his jurisdiction and also does many of the ICJ returns in Dona Ana County as well.

"Kimberly Dickerson was hired this year as the new Deputy Compact Administrator for the State of Louisiana. Kimberly was very eager to learn the deputy compact administrator's role and did so quickly.