Technology Committee

The Information Technology (IT) Committee is responsible for identifying and developing appropriate information technology resources to facilitate the tracking of offenders and the administration of Commission activities, and for developing recommendations for the Commission’s consideration as appropriate.


Tony DeJesus

Designee/DCA/Non-Voluntary Returns, California

Tony DeJesus Photo


First Name Last Name Title State Office Email User Profile
Judy Miller Designee/Deputy Compact Administrator Arkansas User Profile
Tony DeJesus Designee/DCA/Non-Voluntary Returns California User Profile
Jen Baer Interstate Coordinator Idaho User Profile
Maxine Baggett Designee/Deputy Compact Administrator Mississippi User Profile
Julie Hawkins Commissioner/Deputy Compact Administrator Missouri User Profile
Abbie Christian Deputy Compact Administrator / Interstate Compact Nebraska User Profile
Thomas O'Connor Designee New Hampshire User Profile
Dale Dodd Commissioner/Deputy Compact Administrator New Mexico User Profile
Daryl Liedecke Commissioner Texas User Profile
Raymond Gallardo Staff - ICJ Program Coordinator Utah User Profile
Natalie Dalton Commissioner Virginia User Profile