Rules Committee

The Rules Committee provides oversight and guidance regarding proposed rule amendments throughout the ICJ rule-making process.  The Rules Committee is responsible for administering the Commission’s rule-making process, drafting proposed rule amendments and considering proposed rule amendments from other committees and regions.  The Rules Committee ensures the rule amendments are properly formatted and include adequate justifications. 

Membership is limited to 2-3 members from each of the four regions.  The members update their respective region on the activities of the committee at the regional meetings.   In odd numbered years (such as 2023), members meet face-to-face to review comments and finalize recommendations. Members also participate in the presentation at the Annual Business Meeting.  This is the only committee that operates on a 2-year cycle. 

Meeting Dates:



First Name Last Name Commission Title Office Email User Profile
Dawn Bailey Dawn Bailey Designee/Compact Administrator Washington User Profile
Caitlyn Bickford Commissioner / Deputy Compact Administrator New Hampshire User Profile
Matthew Billinger Matthew Billinger Deputy Compact Administrator Kansas User Profile
Maureen Clifton Maureen Clifton Commissioner Wyoming User Profile
A. Roy Curtis Deputy Compact Administrator/Designee Maine User Profile
Tomiko Frierson Tomiko Frierson Commissioner Illinois User Profile
Raymundo Gallardo Raymundo Gallardo Deputy Compact Administrator/Designee Utah User Profile
Julie Hawkins Julie Hawkins Commissioner / Deputy Compact Administrator Missouri User Profile
"" Stephen Horton Commissioner North Carolina User Profile
Mary Kay Hudson Commissioner / Compact Administrator Indiana User Profile
"" Jennifer LeBaron Commissioner / Compact Administrator New Jersey User Profile
Edwin Lee Jr Edwin Lee Jr Designee New Jersey User Profile
"" Daryl Liedecke Commissioner Texas User Profile
Judy Miller Judy Miller Designee/Deputy Compact Administrator Arkansas User Profile
Kelly Palmateer Kelly Palmateer Deputy Compact Administrator New York User Profile
Galan Williamson Commissioner / Compact Administrator Maine User Profile