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About the Interstate Commission for Juveniles

The Interstate Commission for Juveniles is the governing body of the Interstate Compact for Juveniles. Commission members include representatives from all 50 states, Washington, DC, and the US Virgin Islands, who work together to preserve child welfare and promote public safety. The Commission is responsible for promulgating and enforcing rules to implement the Interstate Compact for Juveniles.

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About the Interstate Compact for Juveniles

The Interstate Compact for Juveniles is a contract between the states that regulates the interstate movement of juveniles who are under court supervision or who have run away from home and left their state of residence. States ratifying the compact are bound by federal law to observe the terms of the agreement.

Compact provisions take precedence over conflicting state laws. The Compact provides for states’ supervision and return of juveniles who have run away from home and left their state of residence; are on probation, parole, or other supervision, or have escaped to another state; and have been accused of an offense in another state.

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