Racial Justice Ad Hoc Committee

The Ad Hoc Committee on Racial Justice will analyze data regarding ICJ operations, as well as ICJ Rules, policies, and resources.  Comprised of ICJ personnel from throughout the U.S, the Committee will make specific recommendations for change to the Commission. 

Meeting Dates:

  • December 14, 3pm EST
  • January 18, 3pm EST
  • February 15, 2pm EST
  • March 15, 2pm EST
  • April 19, 2pm EST
  • May 17, 2pm EST
  • June 21, 2pm EST
  • July 19, 2pm EST
  • August 16, 2pm EST


Sherry Jones

Commission Treasurer, Commissioner, Deputy Compact Administrator, Racial Justice Ad Hoc Chair, UNITY Coordinator, Maryland


Sherry Jones is the Deputy Compact Administrator of the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services and serves as the Maryland ICJ Commissioner. Currently, she oversees the day-to-day operations of the Interstate Compact Unit and resolves discrepancies between State and Local Laws and ICJ Rules-Federal Laws. She serves on the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force Victim Services Committee and is Co-Chair of the Baltimore City Victims Services Committee. Her varied background includes advocacy, education/training, and formal/informal mentorship. Sherry earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Psychology from Coppin State University and an Associates of Arts degree from Baltimore Community College in Early Childhood Education. She is also a graduate of Towson University’s Professional Leader Program and Department of Juvenile Services Leadership Development Institute. Sherry is one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women Honorees for her Professional Accomplishment, Community Leadership, and Mentoring. She believes serving as the Maryland Representative helps cultivate and refine her leadership skills.


Rebecca Moore

Commissioner, Regional Representative, Racial Justice Ad Hoc Chair, Massachusetts


Becki Moore is Director of Community of Operations and ICJ Deputy Compact Administrator at the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services and has worked in juvenile justice for over 20 years. Ms. Moore served as a field-based case manager for a community-based provider agency working with youth committed to the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services (DYS); since 2001, she has worked directly for DYS in several capacities. Most recently, Ms. Moore has worked out of the DYS Commissioner’s Office as the Director of Community Operations and ICJ Commissioner and Deputy Compact Administrator. In this role, she is responsible for the statewide oversight of community re-entry and supervision practices for all youth committed to DYS as well as for formerly committed youth engaged with DYS through a voluntary service agreement. Ms. Moore’s primary responsibilities in this role are policy development, quality assurance, data management, outcome measurement, interstate case management and the establishment of effective transition protocols and case management practices. She also recently managed the implementation of the Department’s OJJDP Second Chance Act grant award and the reintegration of the agency’s utilization of the Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (YLS/CMI) and related Case Management Plan development.

Ms. Moore holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA and a master’s of science degree in criminal justice from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.


First Name Last Name Commission Title Office Email User Profile
Lisa Bjergaard Lisa Bjergaard Commissioner North Dakota lbjergaa@nd.gov User Profile
"" Nataki Brown Ex Officio - Victims Representative South Carolina Brown.nataki@richlandcountysc.gov User Profile
Mike Casey Francis Casey Commissioner/Compact Administrator Delaware Francis.Casey@delaware.gov User Profile
Felicia Dauway Felicia Dauway Deputy Compact Administrator/Designee South Carolina InterstateCompact@djj.sc.gov User Profile
Raymundo Gallardo Raymundo Gallardo Deputy Compact Administrator/Designee Utah icjutah@utcourts.gov User Profile
Cathy Gordon Cathy Gordon Commissioner / Compact Administrator Montana interstate@mt.gov User Profile
Mason Harrington Staff - Compact Coordinator (Cases A - L) South Carolina InterstateCompact@scdjj.net User Profile
Tracy Howard Tracy Howard Deputy Compact Administrator - Sprvsn/Extradition Cases A-M, JSO Matters Florida interstatecompact2@fldjj.gov User Profile
Eavey-Monique James Eavey-Monique James Commissioner Virgin Islands virginislandsicpc_icj@dhs.vi.gov User Profile
Jennifer LeBaron Jennifer LeBaron Commissioner / Compact Administrator New Jersey jennifer.lebaron@jjc.nj.gov User Profile
Edwin Lee Jr Edwin Lee Jr Designee New Jersey edwin.lee@jjc.nj.gov User Profile
Jessica Nash Commissioner / Compact Administrator Rhode Island Jessica.nash@dcyf.ri.gov User Profile
JoAnn Niksa JoAnn Niksa Deputy Compact Administrator/Designee Rhode Island joann.niksa@dcyf.ri.gov User Profile
April Simmons Interstate Compact Specialist - Outgoing Cases Indiana April.Simmons@courts.in.gov User Profile
Jessica Wald Jessica Wald Deputy Compact Administrator / Designee North Dakota jlwald@nd.gov User Profile