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Signed into law:
April 21, 2004

Steven Buck

Commissioner/Compact Administrator, OK

  • Commissioner/Compact Administrator
  • Parole & Probation
  • Office of Juvenile Affairs
  • Office of Juvenile Affairs
  • 3812 N. Santa Fe, Suite 400
    Oklahoma City, OK 73118-8500

Robert Hendryx

Designee/Deputy Compact Administrator , OK

Robert Hendryx Photo
  • Designee/Deputy Compact Administrator
  • Parole & Probation
  • Juvenile Services Division, ICJ
  • Juvenile Services Division, ICJ
  • 3812 N. Santa Fe, Suite 400; PO Box 268812
    Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8812



Number: O.S.A. 10-7309-1.2

Special Contact Information

Contact Robert Hendryx for all ICJ inquiries at (405) 530-2920 or robert.hendryx@oja.ok.gov

Sex Offender Information

State Sex Offender Matrix

State Council


Christopher M. Boring, District Attorney
The Honorable Elizabeth Brown, Associate District Judge
Steven Buck, Compact Administrator and Compact Commissioner
The Honorable Michael Flanagan, District Judge
Robert Hendryx, Deputy Compact Administrator
Rachel Holt, General Counsel, Office of Juvenile Affairs
Jami Ledoux, Director, Child Welfare Services, Department of Human Services
Blake E. Lynch, Attorney at Law
Candida A. Manion, Executive Director, Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Vicki J. Maxwell, Office of Juvenile Affairs
Jason Nelson, Oklahoma House of Representatives
Rob Standridge, Oklahoma State Senate

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