Human Trafficking Ad Hoc

The Human Trafficking Ad Hoc Committee examines information on the topic of human trafficking as it relates to ICJ. The Committee will maintain matrices of information that includes identifying victims, state’s laws, and state’s procedures for handling human trafficking cases.

In June 2019, the Human Trafficking Ad Hoc Committee surveyed compact offices regarding current human trafficking polices and procedures. Click here to read the survey report. 

Meeting Dates

All meetings are held at 2:00 p.m. ET
November 14, 2018
January 8, 2019
March 12, 2019
May 14, 2019
July 9, 2019


Peter Sprengelmeyer

Commissioner, Oregon

Peter Sprengelmeyer Photo


Peter Sprengelmeyer is the Assistant Director for Community Services with the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA). As part of his duties he serves as the

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Peter Sprengelmeyer is the Assistant Director for Community Services with the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA). As part of his duties he serves as the Commissioner/Compact Administrator in Oregon for the Interstate Compact on Juveniles. He also supports parole/probation, foster care, Behavioral and Rehabilitative Services, individualized service contacts, and prevention programming for the OYA. He is a licensed psychologist, and before working with OYA he was the Executive Director at Oregon Community Programs. He has a Bachelor in Psychology from the University of Kansas, and both a Master’s and PhD from the University of Missouri-Columbia.


Vice Chair

Trissie Casanova

Deputy Compact Administrator / Designee, Vermont

Trissie Casanova Photo


First Name Last Name Title State Office Email User Profile
Carol Watson Ex officio - FBI/ Victims Representative California User Profile
Francis Casey Francis Casey Deputy Compact Administrator: Cases A-L Delaware User Profile
Agnes Denson Agnes Denson Commissioner / Compact Administrator Florida User Profile
Tracy Bradley Tracy Bradley Deputy Compact Administrator - Extradition Florida User Profile
Anne Connor Anne Connor Designee/Deputy Compact Administrator Idaho User Profile
Tomiko Frierson Tomiko Frierson Commissioner Illinois User Profile
Nita Wright Deputy Compact Administrator / Sex Offender Specialist / Runaways Indiana User Profile
Jeff Cowger Jeff Cowger Commissioner Kansas User Profile
Liz Wilson Liz Wilson Staff - ICJ Specialist Kansas User Profile
Anna Butler Designee/Interstate Compact Specialist - RETURNS Kentucky User Profile
Sherry Jones Sherry Jones Commissioner/Deputy Compact Administrator Maryland User Profile
Gladys Olivares Deputy Compact Administrator Nevada User Profile
John J. Romero, Jr. Ex Officio - NCJFCJ New Mexico User Profile
Sheila Poole Commissioner New York User Profile
Jessica Wald Jessica Wald Deputy Compact Administrator / Designee North Dakota User Profile
Peter Sprengelmeyer Peter Sprengelmeyer Commissioner Oregon User Profile
JoAnn Niksa JoAnn Niksa Deputy Compact Administrator/Designee Rhode Island User Profile
Felicia Dauway Deputy Compact Administrator/Designee South Carolina User Profile
Cathlyn Smith Cathlyn Smith Commissioner Tennessee User Profile
Trissie Casanova Trissie Casanova Deputy Compact Administrator / Designee Vermont User Profile
Jedd Pelander Jedd Pelander Commissioner Washington User Profile
Dawn Bailey Dawn Bailey Designee/Compact Administrator Washington User Profile
Maureen Clifton Maureen Clifton Commissioner Wyoming User Profile