Mike Pesch, Probation Officer - ND

"Mike Pesch is a probation officer/field user in UNITY. He has gone above and beyond when it comes to learning the UNITY System. Mike was one of the first field users to complete the LMS training modules and spent an extensive amount of time within the UNITY training site to become familiar and proficient with the system. He has a positive attitude and a VERY creative mind when creating cases and working within this training site. Aside from completing all of the training offered to him through the National Office, Mike has also attended all trainings and meetings offered at the state level, including attending the same meeting twice to make sure he was receiving all of the information. Outside of UNITY Mike is always considering the rules of the compact and does not hesitate to ask questions when unique situations arise. He takes pride in making sure that all juvenile cases that fall within the rules of the compact are handled appropriately." - Jessica Wald, Deputy Compact Administrator, North Dakota