ICJ PART 2 TRAINING - Runaway, Returns, and Liability

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Administration of the ICJ Training (formerly referred to as the ICJ 2-day Rules Training) has been modified.  See details below:

DESCRIPTION:  This is a 2-hour instructor-led training via WebEx.  The ICJ Training - Part 2 will include:  Runaways, Returns, and Liability 

CERTIFICATE:  A certificate of completion will be issued for this 2-hour ICJ Training - Part  2.  One certificate will be issued per registration per person attending the 2-hour session via WebEx.

REQUIREMENTS:  To receive a certificate of completion, you must register and attend the online training session via WebEx.  

PREREQUISITE:  It is preferred; however, not required to completed Part 1 prior to Part 2.

Both Part 1 and Part 2 will be offered once each month through September 1, 2019.