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ICJ TRAINING PART 2 (2-hour training)

  • Runaways
  • Returns
  • Travel Permits
  • Additional Requirements
  • Liability

This instructor-led training will highlight ICJ Rules in the areas noted above.  The presenters will share examples of the ICJ rules in action in the day-to-day operations of the Compact.

PREREQUISITE:  None; however, ICJ offers a training on the history and other sections of the ICJ Rules entitled ICJ Training Part 1.  Training Part 1 and Training Part 2 are independent sessions/courses and there is no requirement to take in consecutive order.  Both are offered once each month.  

CERTIFICATE:  A certificate of completion will be issued for completing this 2-hour training.  

One certificate will be issued per registration per person attending the 2-hour WebEx session.  To attend the session and receive a certificate of completion, you must:

1.   Register.

2.   Join via WebEx.  Attending without joining through WebEx is not recognized by the system to issue a completion certificate.