Public Hearing on Rule 2-108

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Special Meeting

Notice of Public Hearing for ICJ Rule 2-108

On April 23, 2020 a Special Meeting of the Interstate Commission for Juveniles was convened for the purposes of emergency rule promulgation, pursuant to ICJ Rule 2-103(10).  The Commission voted 48-2-0 to recognize that an emergency exists that justifies the promulgation of an emergency rule pursuant to Rule 2-103(10) and adopted proposed new Rule 2-108 regarding Emergency Suspension of Enforcement of Rules.

Pursuant to ICJ Rule 2-103(10), the Interstate Commission for Juveniles retroactively applied rulemaking procedures to Rule 2-108 and held a comment period for Commissioners, Compact Administrators, Deputy Compact Administrators, Designees, and Ex Officios from May 6, 2020 to June 6, 2020. Review the comments received on the ICJ Rules History page. The final amendment was posted to the ICJ Website on June 24, 2020.

2-108:  Emergency Suspension of Enforcement

Public Hearing Date and Time:  Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 2:00 pm EDT

Public Hearing Location: WebEx Meeting Center. Password is ICJ1234

ICJ Representation: The Commission Chairperson, Executive Director, Rules Committee Chair, Rules Committee Members, and Legal Counsel will be present to address any questions.

Notification Procedures: Interested persons may submit their intent to attend and/or written comments to

MaryLee Underwood, Executive Director
Interstate Commission for Juveniles
836 Euclid Avenue, Suite 322
Lexington, KY  40502
Phone: 859.721.1062
Fax: 859.721.1059