June 2017: Voluntary Return - Absconder

Article Date
Your Name
Gladys Olivares
Your State
Your Role
Compact Office Staff
Type of Return
Voluntary Return: Absconder
Rule(s) Applied
6-103, 6-102
Circumstances of the return
Youth was a Parole Absconder and was AWOL for 2 years. Youth was now pregnant w/ second child.
How the ICJ Rules assisted in the return

Rule 6-103 helped with the actual return of an Absconder it included adult system processes as well as safety for the youth's return as she was medically cleared before being transported.

Issues that occurred in the course of the return
Since "youth" was now an adult she was being held in an Adult Jail a form III was not signed instead we were able to get a signed adult waiver by youth and judge. We also had to send a letter to have the youth held.
What didn’t the ICJ Rules address with regard to the return
Tip(s) Learned
Communication is very important to make sure all rules are followed regardless of youth being in the adult system at the time.