Rachel Johnson, Compact Office Staff - NC

"I want to express my deep appreciation for the help and support that Stephen Horton and Rachel Johnson provided to me. I’m new to ICJ and had only been in my position for about two months at the time. My supervisor was out of the office for the week; although she made herself available to me at any time, I didn’t want to disturb her if I didn’t have to. Fortunately, I would have my first return by air the week she was out. Of course, I wanted my first return to be perfect but that wasn’t the case. Everything was going smoothly until the plane’s departure was delayed for several hours. Stephen and Rachel along with my supervisor gave me advice and helped me through the entire process. I am grateful for their help and support and for taking the time out to assist me. They are always very helpful and a pleasant team to work with. " - Richetta Johnson, VA Compact Office