August 2017: Voluntary Return - Absconder

Article Date
Your Name
Gladys Olivares
Your State
Your Role
Compact Office Staff
Type of Return
Voluntary Return: Absconder
Rule(s) Applied
6-102, 7-102
Circumstances of the return
Youth was a probation absconder who moved to another state with his family without notifying his PO first. You was a JSO and was living with his victim, his younger brother. There was an obvious hurry to return the youth as soon as possible.
How the ICJ Rules assisted in the return

The rules as well as terms & conditions of youth's probation played an important part to get the youth returned and to educate the youth's family as well.

Issues that occurred in the course of the return
The father of the youth was very hard to deal with and was very volatile making the already tough process harder to complete.
What didn’t the ICJ Rules address with regard to the return
Tip(s) Learned
Swiftness and a good understanding of the rules by both home and demanding states was key in getting this youth returned quickly.