Tracy Cassell, Deputy Compact Administrator - GA

"Ms. Cassell continuously demonstrates excellent leadership and customer service to the Interstate Commission for Juveniles and Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice. As the Georgia Deputy Compact Administrator since August 1st, 2016, Ms. Cassell has devoted her services to ensuring the public safety for juveniles served throughout the Compact states. Ms. Cassell ensures the GADJJ Leadership Team is informed of critical changes and updates in the Compact as well as routinely trains GADJJ employees to apprised them of the procedures to comply with the Compact rules.

Ms. Cassell is a true leader and motivator for her supportive team members that works towards the mission, vision and values of Interstate Commission for Juveniles. Her daily communication efforts and detailed documentation with GADJJ and Compact states to ensure that juveniles are supervised are outstanding. Her internal checks and balances methods with her team ensures that no youth ever falls between the cracks. Her personal accountability to enforce the Interstate Compact rules are evident through her daily work regimen.

Ms. Cassell is always ready, willing and able to serve internal/external colleagues for the best interest of the juveniles in need. This includes coordinating travel arrangements and accepting early morning phone calls during the holidays, weekends or during GADJJ meetings/trainings. She has an exceptionally high-level work ethic like no other. She genuinely cares for each juvenile that requires GA ICJ services and knows the policy and procedures of the Compact to ensure the youth and staff involved are properly assisted.

Ms. Cassell often works beyond her call of duty to ensure the appropriate handling of ICJ youth. She values the Interstate Commission mission and vision and has ensured that GADJJ’s mission and vision embodies the same. She is an effective communicator and knows how to brainstorm challenges regarding travel plans and movement of juveniles with all parties involved.

Ms. Cassell continues to develop her skills as GA ICJ Deputy Compact Administrator and creates tools to track and maintain youths that cross the paths of the state of Georgia. She develops standards within her work unit to ensure that all Compact documents are processed timely and effectively. Her pleasant approach to handling perplexed ICJ cases is a true example of her leadership abilities.

Ms. Cassell is competent in ICJ and GA DJJ policy and procedures. Her critical thinking and excellent time management skills allows her to coordinate successfully the daily operations of GADJJ ICJ Team. Her positive impact is evident in her work product of serving a monthly average 400 juveniles in GA through the Compact. Ms. Cassell is a consistent and reliable leader that demonstrates positive business ethics day to day in her job functions. Her passion, perseverance and commitment to GA DJJ and the Interstate Commission for Juveniles is unwavering." - Tricia Phillips Williams