The following documents are the administrative policies of the Interstate Commission for Juveniles. These policies are enacted to ensure accountability and clarity regarding ICJ business. If you have any questions regarding these ICJ policies, please contact the National Office.


Policy Dates Title Policies PDF Link
Disaster / Emergency Procedures Disaster / Emergency Procedures45.43 KB
Compliance Enforcement - Investigating Allegations of Non-Compliance ICJ 01-2009 Compliance Enforcement Investigating Allegations.pdf48.99 KB
Travel Reimbursement - Form Non-CSG Employee Expense Form.xls23 KB
Compliance Enforcement - Investigation Process ICJ 2009-02 Compliance Enforcement Investigation Process.pdf185.08 KB
Training and Technical Assistance ICJ 2009-07 Train Technical Assistance.pdf62.68 KB
Guidelines for Compliance ICJ 2009-03 Guidelines for Compliance.pdf47.33 KB
Dues Enforcement Dues Enforcement182.36 KB
Alcohol Consumption at ICJ Business Functions ICJ 2009-04 Alcohol Consumption.pdf29.03 KB
Training Requirement Training Requirement130.28 KB
Disaster / Emergency Procedures ICJ 2009-05 Disaster.pdf45.43 KB