Compliance Priority B: Effective Returns

*Indicates Core Standard
Standard Number Standard Language Rule/Policy Reference
B-01* Home/Demanding States, shall return juveniles within five (5) business days of receiving a completed Form III or adult waiver. Rule 6-102(10)
B-02* Home/Demanding States shall return juveniles within 5 business days of receiving the order granting the requisition. Rule 6-103(9) and 6-103A(9)
B-03 As it applies to Rule 5-103(3)(d), when Sending States determine a violation requires retaking, it shall return the juvenile within 5 business days. Rule 5-103(3)(d)
B-04 The Holding State shall ensure that juveniles in agreement with the voluntary return shall sign the Form III in the presence of a judge who also signs the Form III. Rule 6-102(6)