Compliance Priority B: Effective Returns

*Indicates Core Standard to be assessed each monitoring cycle.
Standard Number Standard Language Rule/Policy Reference
B-01* Home/Demanding States, shall return juveniles within five (5) business days of receiving a completed Form III or adult waiver. Rule 6-102(10)
B-02* Home/Demanding States shall return juveniles within 5 business days of receiving the order granting the requisition. Rule 6-103(9) and 6-103A(9)
B-03 As it applies to Rule 5-103(3)(d), when Sending States determine a violation requires retaking, it shall return the juvenile within 5 business days. Rule 5-103(3)(d)
B-04 The Holding State shall ensure that juveniles in agreement with the voluntary return shall sign the Form III in the presence of the court who also signs the Form III. Rule 6-102(6)