Performance Measurement Assessment

Compliance Priorities and Standards

Effective 2022, the Compliance and Executive Committees identified 2 compliance priorities consisting of 15 standards for proactive monitoring:

6 Core Standards have been identified. Select a Compliance Priority above for more information. 

View a history of the Commission's Performance Measurement Assessment. 

UNITY National Data Assessment

In 2022, the Commission will conduct the first ever UNITY National Data Assessment, focusing on three standards related to violation reports and returns in Transfer of Supervision cases:

  • Response to Violation Reports
    • Standard A-03: Sending States shall respond to a report of violation, to include action to be taken by the sending state and the date the action will occur, no later than 10 business days following receipt. Rule 5-103(2)
  • Returns within 5 days after decision to retake made
    • Standard B-03: As it applies to Rule 5-103(3)(d), when Sending States determine a violation requires retaking, it shall return the juvenile within 5 business days. Rule 5-103(3)(d)
  • New arrangement or return within 5 days within 5 days of request from non-guardian
    • Standard B-04: When a juvenile is not residing with a legal guardian and that person requests the juvenile be removed from his/her home, the sending state shall secure alternative living arrangements within five (5) business days or the juvenile shall be returned. Rule 5-103(4)(b)

For more information, read the UNITY National Data Assessment Memo released on April 26, 2022. 

View the Compliance Committee Chair's message regarding the UNITY National Data Assessment. 

*While Performance Measurement Assessments help ensure compliance with ICJ Rules, it is not feasible to proactively assess compliance with all ICJ Rules.  Therefore, compliance-related matters may also be addressed in accordance with ICJ Compliance Policies 01-2009  and 03-2009. State Council Enforcement is addressed in accordance with ICJ Administrative Policy 02-2011. Commissioner Appointment is addressed in accordance with ICJ Administrative Policy 01-2015.