Performance Measurement Assessment

ICJ’s 2013 Strategic Plan included an initiative to “Enhance both compliance and enforcement within ICJ.”  Goals to achieve this initiative included development of an audit plan, including: categories to be audited, audit procedure, and selection criteria. 

In 2014, ICJ adopted Performance Measurement Policy and Standards to support this initiative. The objectives of the performance measurement assessments are to provide reviews of data and business processes, as well as examine management controls to assess data integrity, management of risk, and achievement of the Commission’s goals.

In 2018, the Executive Committee approved the Compliance Committee's revised Performance Measurement Standards list organized into three compliance priorities:

7 Core Standards have been identified from the Compliance Priorities to be assessed during each monitoring cycle. Select a Compliance Priority above for more information.

Review performance measurement standards identified for assessment by year: 

*While Performance Measurement Assessments help ensure compliance with ICJ Rules, it is not feasible to proactively assess compliance with all ICJ Rules.  Therefore, compliance-related matters may also be addressed in accordance with ICJ Compliance Policies 01-2009  and 03-2009. State Council Enforcement is addressed in accordance with ICJ Administrative Policy 02-2011. Commissioner Appointment is addressed in accordance with ICJ Administrative Policy 01-2015.