Rule 2-108: Emergency Suspension of Enforcement

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  1. Upon a declaration of a national emergency by the President of the United States and/or the declaration of emergency by one or more Governors of the compact member states in response to a crisis, the Commission may, by majority vote, authorize the Executive Committee to temporarily suspend enforcement of Commission rules or any part(s) thereof.  Such suspension shall be justified based upon:

               a. The degree of disruption of procedures or timeframes regulating the movement of juveniles under the applicable
                    provisions of the Compact;

               b. The degree of benefit (or detriment) of such suspension to the offender and/or public safety; and

               c. The anticipated duration of the emergency.

  1. Regardless of any suspension of enforcement, each member state shall perform all duties required by the Compact to the greatest extent possible, including returns and transfers of supervision. 
  1. Any suspension of enforcement of Commission rules shall cease 30 calendar days after the termination of the national/state declaration(s) of emergency, unless preemptively concluded by majority vote of the Executive Committee.
  1. Any suspension of enforcement of Commission rules shall not apply to duties specified in the Compact statute which are necessary for the operation of the Commission, including but not limited to, payment of dues and appointments of compact administrators and commissioners.

History: Adopted as an emergency rule pursuant to ICJ Rule 2-103(10) on April 23, 2020, effective April 23, 2020