Rule 6-101: Release of Non-Delinquent Runaways

  1. Juvenile authorities may release a non-delinquent runaway to his/her legal guardian or custodial agency within the first twenty-four (24) hours (excluding weekends and holidays) of detainment without applying the Compact, except in cases where the holding authority suspects abuse or neglect in the residence of the legal guardian or custodial agency.
  2. If a non-delinquent runaway remains in custody beyond twenty-four (24) hours, the holding state’s ICJ Office shall be contacted and the Compact shall be applied.

History: Adopted December 3, 2009, effective March 1, 2010; clerically amended January 5, 2011, effective February 4, 2011; amended October 26, 2011, effective March 1, 2012; clerically amended April 18, 2012, effective May 31, 2012; amended August 26, 2015, effective February 1, 2016