Rule 6-105: Return of Juveniles When Abuse or Neglect is Reported

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  1. When a holding state has reason to suspect abuse or neglect by a person in the home/demanding state, the holding state’s ICJ Office shall notify the home/demanding state’s ICJ Office of the suspected abuse or neglect. The home/demanding state’s ICJ Office shall work with the appropriate authority and/or court of competent jurisdiction in the home/demanding state to affect the return of the juvenile.
  2. Allegations of abuse or neglect do not alleviate a state’s responsibility to return a juvenile within the time frames in accordance with the rules. 
  3. States shall follow its procedures for reporting and investigating allegations of abuse or neglect of juveniles.

History: Adopted August 26, 2015, effective February 1, 2016

Comment: Rule 6-105 was originally titled “Financial Responsibility,” adopted December 3, 2009, effective March 1, 2010; clerically amended January 5, 2011, effective February 4, 2011; renumbered as Rule 7-101, effective April 1, 2014