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ICJ’s On-Demand training modules provide 24/7 access to a variety of information related to the Compact rules and processes.

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  • ICJ Course 101: What is ICJ? - The information presented in this course provides a brief overview of the Interstate Compact for Juveniles, commonly referred to as the ICJ.  Upon completion of this course, you will gain a basic understanding of the Compact and Compact Law; the Commission and state Compact Offices; and the population served.
  • ICJ Course 102: Transfer of Supervision - The material presented in this course will outline the ICJ Rules (effective March 1, 2020) and procedures to transfer the supervision of a juvenile across state lines and the responsibilities of  both the sending state and  the receiving states.
  • ICJ Course 103: Supervision in the Receiving State - This course highlights the ICJ Rules Section 500 (effective March 1, 2020) regarding the requirements for providing supervision in the receiving state.  The ICJ Rules contain processes and responsibilities for both, the sending and the receiving states once the juvenile is transferred under the Compact.
  • ICJ Course 104: Returning Juveniles - The material presented in this module will highlight the ICJ Rules (effective March 1, 2020) and process for returning juveniles.
  • ICJ Course 105: Travel Permits - This course will highlight the ICJ Rule 8-101 regarding travel permits, along with other ICJ Rules (effective March 1, 2020) related to travel for juveniles subject to the Compact. 
  • ICJ - Rule Amendment Training - This is a recorded live session from the rule amendments training conducted via WebEx on February 19, 2020. The training was open to anyone familiar with the current ICJ Rules and were interested in hearing the highlights on the changes going into effect March 1, 2020.

Annual Business Meeting* 

  • ICJ - 2019 ABM Training: On the Horizon - Data System Update
  • ICJ - 2019 ABM Training: Transportation Jeopardy Panel Discussion
  • ICJ - 2018 ABM Training: Juvenile Justice Reform Panel Discussion
  • ICJ - 2018 ABM Training: History of the Compact
  • ICJ - 2016 ABM Training: It Takes a Village to Return a Juvenile
  • ICJ - 2015 ABM Training: LGBTQ Juveniles Panel Discussion
  • ICJ - 2014 ABM Training: State Compliance and Legal Matters
  • ICJ - 2014 ABM Training: ICJ Working with ICPC
  • ICJ - 2014 ABM Training: ICJ and Secure Detention

*These modules feature recorded training sessions presented at an ICJ Annual Business Meeting and reflect opinions of the presenter and participants in attendance.  Any references to the ICJ Rules were relative to the effective rules at the time of that Annual Business Meeting.  The ICJ Rules are subject to change and may have changed since the recording of this session.

Performance Measurement Assessment / Compliance

  • ICJ - 2019 Performance Measurement Assessment Prep Session

New Commissioner/Designee

  • ICJ - New Commissioner/Designee Training


  • JIDS - Field Staff Training
  • JIDS - Upgrade for Compact Offices
  • JIDS - Upgrade for Field Users
  • JIDS - Return Workflow Changes, effective January 14, 2019