UNITY Training Toolkit: Introduction


The Interstate Commission for Juveniles (the Commission) is developing a new data system for tracking interstate juvenile movement: The Uniform Nationwide Interstate Tracking for Youth (UNITY) system.  The UNITY Training Site is now live!  The final transition from JIDS to UNITY occurred in May 2021.

Because more than 4,000 users throughout the nation need UNITY Training, the Commission has developed a multi-pronged training strategy.  First, the Commission  provided a series of On Demand training courses available online at www.ICJ.TalentLMS. The Commission released the UNITY Training Site, User Manuals, and Training Toolkit.  All resources are available online.

This Training Toolkit was developed to provide resources and materials to support states who chose to provide instructor-led trainings using the UNITY Training Site. Additional scenarios and resources may be added, based on input from Commission members.

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Table of Contents

  1. UNITY User Manuals

  2. Using the UNITY Training Site

  3. UNITY State Models

  4. Information to Share with JPS and JPO Users

  5. ICJO Administration

  6. Juvenile Profiles

  7. Training Scenarios - Travel Permits

  8. Training Scenarios - Transfer of Supervision

  9. Training Scenarios - Returns

  10. Training Placeholder Documents